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Security Installers Content Series: Breaking Free from Anti-Competitive Practices - How We Empower Installers in the Alarm Monitoring Industry

The alarm monitoring and signalling industry has long been dominated by a few major players, creating an environment where anti-competitive practices and restrictive agreements stifle innovation and limit the freedom of installation companies. Through consolidation this problem is becoming worse. As an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) dedicated to fair competition and transparency, we have made it our mission to help installers break free from these constraints and thrive in a truly open market.

The Problem: A Market Stifled by Cartel-Like Practices

For decades, the alarm monitoring industry has been controlled by a handful of companies working hand in hand with ARC’s. These dominant players engage in cartel-like behaviours, establishing anti-competitive schemes designed to prevent new entrants from gaining traction and to maintain their market dominance as the industry goes through significant change. Such practices include:

1. Exclusive Contracts: Installers are often locked into long-term, restrictive contracts that prevent them from switching ARC’s, even if they are dissatisfied with the service.

2. Transfer Refusal: Installers rely on various types of connectivity and communication equipment to allow their customers' systems to communicate with the ARC. The transfer of these connections is often not permitted to maximise the pain involved for installers trying to use the services of an alternative ARC.

3. Price Fixing: Major players may collude to keep prices high, limiting the ability of smaller ARCs to offer competitive rates.

4. Market Division: Agreements between large players to divide markets geographically or by customer type, reducing competition and choice for installers and end-users.

These practices harm the industry by limiting competition, driving up prices, and stifling innovation. For installation companies, it means fewer choices and less control over their own businesses. The main loser is of course the installers end user client!

Our Solution: Empowering Installers to Choose

At MYNET, we believe in a fair and competitive market where installation companies can choose the best monitoring solutions for their needs. We have helped numerous installers break free from anti-competitive practices and restrictive agreements.

Here's how we do it:

Education and Awareness: We work closely with installation companies to help them understand their rights and the options available to them. By educating them on the benefits of a free market, we empower them to make informed decisions about their monitoring services.

Flexible Agreements: Our contracts are designed with the installer in mind. We offer flexible terms that allow companies to switch ARC’s anytime without penalty, ensuring they can always choose the best service for their needs.

Competitive Pricing: By maintaining transparent pricing and avoiding collusion, we provide competitive rates that reflect the true value of our services. This allows installers to offer affordable monitoring solutions to their customers while maintaining healthy margins.

Technical Support and Transition Assistance: Switching ARC’s can be a complex process, especially if installers have been locked into a restrictive contract for years. We provide comprehensive technical support and transition assistance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free switch.

Our partners: The industry has a number of companies like MYNET working hard on communications solutions and offerings which free installers of these restrictive situations and give them absolutely freedom with excellent products.

Success stories!

We have a growing portfolio of installer success stories! If you are an installer considering your options in Ireland or the Uk and the above rings a bell. Our team can put you in touch with existing installer clients who we actively work with to give you an understanding of how we can help.

We also love working with new installers in the industry to support their growth!

Join Us in Creating a Fairer Industry

We invite all installation companies to join us in challenging the status quo and creating a fairer and more competitive alarm monitoring industry. By choosing an ARC that values transparency, flexibility, and support, you can take control of your business.

Together, we can build an industry that encourages innovation, offers better value to customers, and provides genuine opportunities for all players, big and small. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you break free and thrive in a truly open market



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