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Fire Alarm Systems are the first line of defense, ensuring a swift response and protecting lives and property

Mynet provides a wide range of fire detection and alarm packages for both new builds and upgrades to existing premises. Using our vast in-house knowledge, design capability and extensive product range, our design engineers and project management teams can provide a bespoke solution that is perfectly matched to your individual fire risk and environmental conditions.

These solutions vary from basic conventional stand-alone fire detection and alarm systems for smaller applications through to fully-integrated addressable networked systems complete with graphical user interfaces for large integrated sites.


Eco-Friendly Design

Determine infrastructure equipment requirements whilst ensuring full site coverage.


Competent fire alarm system design support for your next fire detection project.


Equipment supply, installation & support backed up by Mynet’s unrivalled technical support.


Regular fire alarm maintenance is essential to guarantee optimal functionality and reliability.



Alarm Activation:

  • The fire alarm system detects the presence of smoke, heat, or other indicators of a fire. The alarm is triggered, signaling the need for immediate attention.

Signal Transmission:

  • The activated alarm sends a signal to the monitoring center. This signal is transmitted through communication channels, which can include landlines, cellular networks, or internet-based connections.

Monitoring Center Alert:

  • Trained operators at the monitoring center receive the alarm signal in real-time. The monitoring center operates 24/7 to ensure continuous oversight.

Alarm Verification:

  • Operators at the monitoring center verify the legitimacy of the alarm. This may involve visual confirmation through integrated CCTV systems, additional sensors, or other means to reduce the likelihood of false alarms.

Notification of Authorities:

  • If the alarm is confirmed as legitimate, the monitoring center notifies the relevant authorities, such as the local fire department or emergency services. This notification includes critical information about the location and nature of the alarm.

Emergency Response:

  • Emergency services respond to the location of the activated fire alarm. Their prompt arrival is crucial to assess the situation, initiate evacuation procedures if necessary, and suppress the fire.

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At MYNET, our approach to implementing fire alarm systems involves a systematic process encompassing surveying, designing, and installation.

During the survey phase, we conduct a thorough assessment of your property, identifying critical areas, evaluating fire hazards, and strategically placing devices.

During the design phase, we create a detailed plan based on what we learned in the survey. We carefully choose the right devices, figure out where to place them for optimal fire detection, and make sure everything aligns with the local fire regulations.

Professional installation is crucial, and we can't emphasize it enough. Our expert team customizes the system to fit your property's needs, and enhances its overall reliability and compliance with fire regulations. Thorough testing and commissioning help identify and fix any issues. Plus, our ongoing maintenance, carried out by our professionals, assures the long-term reliability of your fire alarm system through regular inspections and necessary upkeep.


The significance of regular maintenance for fire alarm systems cannot be overstated. It is a critical practice that ensures the ongoing functionality, reliability, and effectiveness of the system.

Regular maintenance involves routine inspections, testing, and necessary adjustments to address any potential issues promptly. This proactive approach not only helps in preventing false alarms but also ensures that the system is prepared to respond effectively in the event of an actual fire. Additionally, scheduled maintenance activities contribute to the system's compliance with industry standards and local regulations, providing peace of mind and safeguarding lives and property.

Maintaining fire alarms is the silent assurance that your safety is always heard and protected.



Mynet ensures compliance with vital fire regulations, prioritizing the safety and security of lives and property through steadfast adherence to established guidelines.

British Standard BS 5839-1:2017

Irish Standard I.S. 3218: 2013

South African Standard SANS 10139

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