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Unleashing Technical Expertise: How Our Monitoring Services Empower Installation Companies

In the ever-evolving landscape of security systems, technical expertise stands as a cornerstone for success. At MYNET, our unparalleled technical background differentiates us from other monitoring centres. Time and again, we've turned potential clients into loyal partners by solving the technical challenges their current Alarm Receiving Centers (ARCs) could not. This blog delves into the common technical hurdles installers face and how our expertise transforms these challenges into seamless solutions.


One of the most frequent issues installers encounter is integrating SIA/DC09 IP signalling with their current monitoring centre. SIA/DC09 is a widely used alarm signalling protocol that eliminates the need for third-party communicators, offering installers significant flexibility. However, many monitoring centres are slow to adopt or outright resist this protocol, preferring to lock installers into using third-party devices. This resistance often stems from a reluctance to give installers control over their systems.

At MYNET, we embrace SIA/DC09 signalling, supporting new installers every month in setting up these systems. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that installers can connect seamlessly without being bound to restrictive third-party’s. If your current monitoring centre is hindering your progress with SIA/DC09, it’s time to speak with us.


The transition to IP-based solutions is a significant step for the security industry, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Many installers resort to using public IP addresses and port forwarding for CCTV monitoring, as recommended by their monitoring centres. While this method is straightforward, it exposes systems to numerous security risks and is not sustainable in the long term due to the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses.

We offer bespoke engineered solutions that avoid these pitfalls. Leveraging our extensive background and infrastructure in telecommunications, we provide secure, scalable alternatives that don’t rely on public IP addresses. Our solutions involve using VPN technology without data limits or other restrictive measures, ensuring a secure and efficient connection for monitoring. Our approach not only enhances security but also simplifies the process for installers, offering them a reliable and future-proof solution.


Our team at MYNET is composed of experts from both the security and telecommunications industries. This diverse technical expertise allows us to assist installers in engineering comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s advising on hardware and software, service provision, or the installation process, our support goes beyond mere monitoring.

When installers face a unique challenge or need to devise a solution for a client, we step in to provide the necessary technical guidance. Our ability to engineer custom solutions sets us apart from other monitoring centres, ensuring that installers can deliver exceptional service to their clients.


Technical issues don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. We offer round-the-clock support from our senior technical team members to assist with onboarding new accounts or resolving problems. Whether an installer needs to run tests at 2 AM or troubleshoot a system issue, we ensure they receive competent and timely assistance.

Our commitment to 24/7 support shows our dedication to our clients' success, providing peace of mind that expert help is always available when needed.


In the dynamic field of security systems, new challenges and technologies emerge regularly. At MYNET, we pride ourselves on our willingness to learn and adapt. If an installer presents us with a problem we've never encountered, we collaborate with them to find a solution. This proactive approach not only helps installers overcome immediate challenges but also enhances our own expertise, allowing us to better serve our clients in the future.


Migrating systems can be a daunting task, often made more difficult by monitoring centres and other third parties that use anti competitive methods to lock in installers. These companies offer little to no support for migration, leaving installers and their clients in a bind. The end user is the bottom of the priority list for these companies.

We have extensive experience in navigating these challenges. Our team consults with installation companies to devise strategies for migrating systems smoothly, ensuring they retain the flexibility to choose their monitoring centre. By empowering installers with the knowledge and support to manage migrations, we help them maintain control over their systems and clients.

Technical expertise is the bedrock of MYNET. From supporting new IP signalling technology to providing secure IP solutions and comprehensive engineering support, we are committed to empowering installation companies with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Our 24/7 support and continuous learning ethos ensure that we are always ready to tackle new challenges alongside our clients. If you’re facing technical hurdles with your current monitoring centre, it’s time to experience the difference with MYNET.


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