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Revolutionising container Self-Storage Security with Proactive CCTV Monitoring for Go 2 Storage


In an industry ripe for innovation, Go 2 Storage aimed to set a new standard for outdoor container self-storage facilities in the UK. Their mission was ambitious: To launch the first truly unmanned container-based self-storage site in the UK. Achieving this required a partner with the expertise and technology to ensure unparalleled security without sacrificing customer convenience. Enter MYNET, a leader in self storage security monitoring, known for its bespoke, proactive CCTV services.

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Go 2 Storage, a new entrant in the UK's self-storage industry, sought to differentiate itself by creating the country's first fully unmanned container self-storage facility. Located in Bristol, with aspirations to expand with further sites, their goal was to combine convenience with top-tier security.


The absence of on-site staff at Go 2 Storage presented a unique set of security challenges. The client needed a comprehensive, proactive security solution that could:

  • Monitor the entire site without blind spots.

  • Integrate with cutting-edge technology like the Janus Noke locking system.

  • Detect security threats accurately and immediately.

  • Provide real-time, automated access control and monitoring.

  • Deliver personalised security interventions when necessary.




MYNET, a proud member of the Self Storage Association UK along with Go 2 Storage, was introduced to the project through their mutual affiliation. The collaboration between the two organizations resulted in a tailored security solution that addressed Go 2 Storage's specific needs:

  • Full Site Coverage: A meticulously planned camera layout ensures zero blind spots across the facility.

  • AI-Based Detection: Advanced video analytics technology analyses footage in real-time, identifying potential security threats with precision.

  • Tannoy System Integration: Skilled operators can issue personalised audio messages to deter intruders effectively.

  • Janus Noke System Integration: Seamless compatibility with the site's digital locking system provides the MYNET monitoring centre with detailed insights into site access, enhancing security and customer experience.

  • Gate Control: MYNET's monitoring centre operators have full control over the entry gate if necessary, further securing the facility and access.

  • Office alarm system: The on site office is additionally protected by an intruder alarm system which is armed and disarmed as and when access is needed. Also fully monitored by MYNET.




The collaboration between Go 2 Storage and MYNET has resulted in:

  • The successful launch of the UK's first fully unmanned container self-storage site.

  • A robust, proactive security system that ensures safety and convenience for customers.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency, allowing the client to manage the facility remotely with confidence.

The partnership with MYNET was instrumental in realising our vision for Go 2 Storage. Their innovative approach to security allowed us to create a facility that is not only the first of its kind in the UK but also sets a new benchmark for safety and customer convenience in the self-storage industry. We look forward to continuing our expansion with MYNET by our side.

James Pearson, Co-Founder, Go 2 Storage



MYNET's expertise in delivering bespoke, proactive CCTV monitoring solutions has enabled Go 2 Storage to achieve an unprecedented level of security and operational efficiency for an unmanned facility. This case study exemplifies how innovative security solutions can transform business models, providing a blueprint for the future of the self-storage industry.


Is your business ready to redefine security standards? Contact MYNET Security to discover how our tailored security solutions can empower your operations.


''I take immense pride in our collaboration with self-storage companies. Our proactive CCTV monitoring is more than just a solution; it’s commitment to ensuring security around the clock, even as customers actively engage with the site. The challenges of maintaining vigilance 24/7, across every corner of a facility, are significant, yet our team and technology meet them head on. Our work goes beyond providing peace of mind; it's about creating an environment where security and accessibility coexist seamlessly. Go 2 Storage had an open mind, trusting our dedication to solving complex security problems through innovation, vigilance, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs. We are not just service providers; we are partners in ensuring the safety and security of valuable assets and, more importantly, people's peace of mind.''

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